Carson House Project

Since I can remember, my grandmother talked about how she and her mother cooked and served food in the Carson House dining room in the 1930's. As I began researching my genealogy, I found other connections. The Allan family (a family that married into the Ferguson family) had owned it in its early years.  The connection between our families allowed many of my ancestors to work there. The Kay family (who also owned the Kay House across the street)who also married into the Ferguson family owned and operated it for a time. In the 1940's, the Pawlowski family owned it and later married into my Enger side of the family. Everyone has a story about the Carson House and in some ways the story of the Carson House is the story of Morris. I'm continuing to collect information, narratives, pictures, artifacts and memories of this historic grand place.  If you would like to contribute to this project please email me at  Eventually this information will be turned into a lecture with hopes of a book and documentary.


Photographers of Morris, Illinois

I'm developing a lecture and resource on photographers from Morris, Illinois.  This directory will help aid in Morris, Illinois natives in identifying ancestors with pictures that have been passed down through the years.