Creative Mediums

To give the gift of your family's legacy, we'll create a family book, film, or photo album customized for any special occasion --  a birthday, anniversary, family reunion or holiday celebration.

Family History Books

Family history books turn facts and dates into the story of your origins. Combining research, timelines, maps, records and photographs, we create an immersive experience to tell your family's story. Interviews, narratives and social history transport you into your ancestor's time and life. 


Don't let your family photos collect dust in the closet. We will organize, use advanced photo identification techniques and restore those dusty family photos in the attic. Photo books are the perfect way to preserve and present priceless images of your relatives. 


Recipe Books

Food can instantly transport us to those special occasions and holidays that brought family together around the table. Modern Ancestry utilizes Heritage Cookbooks and Blurb to combine family memories, favorite recipes and photos into a recipe book to pass down to future generations.



In collaboration with Hidden Catalyst founded by certified storyteller, Scott Potter, your film will dig deep to find the back story of your ancestors journey. Experience the unique details of your history through a professionally filmed and edited piece digging deep into the reasons why you are you.