Our Team

Modern Ancestry creates visually stunning keepsakes telling the story of your family history. We collaborate with creative professionals to bring you the best talent and expertise in one location.


Sarah Ferguson Potter

Owner and Head Genealogist

Sarah Ferguson Potter is a dedicated, passionate and experienced genealogist skilled in abstracting original material, analyzing artifacts, and methodically conducting research and reporting. Sarah has completed projects dating back to the 1500's and completed extensive research stateside as well as onsite in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. For a detailed account of her discoveries and accomplishments, visit our Projects page.  


Scott Potter-Hidden Catalyst


Cinematographer and Storyteller

Scott Potter is a multi-faceted digital communications extraordinaire with an emphasis in cinematography and visual storytelling. Scott has created projects ranging from multi-city exploration across Scotland, international conventions in France, and heart-captivating stories of love, family and personal growth in the midwest. He is passionate about sharing the rich histories of families in a modern, dynamic way that will be protected and cherished for generations to come.


Jennifer headshot.jpg

Jennifer Holik-World War II Research and Writing Center

Jennifer Holik is an international researcher, speaker, and author of numerous books, articles, and courses. She holds a BA in History from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Jennifer offers expert World War II, genealogical, and historical research, writing, and speaking services.